Maria Rosa


Svetasvatara Upanisad


PEOPLE who make enquiries about brahman say:

What is the cause of brahman? Why were we born? By what do we live? On what are we established ? Governed by whom, O you who know brahman, do we live in pleasure and in pain, each in our respective situation?

Should we regard it as time, as inherent nature, as necessity, as chance, as the elements, as the source of birth,or as the Person? OR is it a combination of these? But that can't b, because it is itself subject to pleasure and pain.

Those who follow the discipline of meditation have seen God, the self, and the power all hidden by their own qualities. One alone is he who governs all those causes, from 'time' to 'self.'

We study it –

as a wheel that is one-rimmed and threefold, with sixteen tips, fifty spokes, twenty   counter-spokes, and six sets of eight, whose single rope is of many forms; that divides itself into three different paths; and whose delusion regarding the one springs from two causes.

as a river whose waters are the five sense organs; whose fierce crocodiles are the five sources of birth; whose waves are the five breaths; whose primal source is the five types of perception; which has five whirlpools; whose rapid current is the five types of sorrow; which divides itself in fifty ways; and which has five sections. 

Within this vast wheel brahman, on which all subsist and which abides in all, a goose keeps moving around. When he perceives himself (atman) as distinct from the impeller, delighted by that knowledge he goes from there to immortality. 


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